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The Manchester project

The Manchester Project is a film that I have created to hear two different sides of the story of coming to Kent State University. I interviewed two different students on their views about how they were able to adapt to the university in the Manchester 2nd floor. For those who are not familiar with Manchester hall at Kent State University, it consists of all freshmen and is a way for freshman to make friends with people their own age. The story I chose to follow is to see the different experiences from some who is an out of state student as in my friend Jeremy who like me is not from Ohio and had a different experience then my other friend Drew. Drew is from a local area that is roughly an hour away from Kent. He rooms with someone who he knew prior to this, and had a couple of other friends from his school that chose to come to Kent. Jeremy on the other hand is from New Hampshire. Jeremy knew only his roommate from meeting him at the Destination Kent State he did and came in to college only knowing him. My video is to interview these two and learn of their experiences. I would like to compare both of them to what my experience was. I am an out of state student from New York and knew no one while coming to Kent in August. I had a difficult first couple of days trying to make friends but in the end met people who I truly feel are my good friends. The story is to show how the Manchester 2nd floor became what many of us consider a family. From going out to the free ice-skating at the hockey arena, to us all going to the see the Midnight release of the scary movie Sinister the movie is to show the bonding that we all formed as freshman in college. To show the different experiences that we all had. The pictures on the website show many different adventures that have happened. From Jeremy and his friend Beau and Trevor at a hockey game while we all supported two of the members of our floor as they played. The second photo being of two high school friends Caleb and Connor on our floor goofing around and riding on each other’s shoulders. The third photo shows us all at the free skate having a blast and having our friendships grow tighter. The fourth picture shows Drew and Jeremy studying in the library together getting ready for finals. The fifth photo shows half of us all having a good time in the hallways getting to know each other better and the last picture is us at the movie Sinister. The movie and website not only show the different experiences for everyone that was involved but shows how close we all got in a short amount of time. Often the group has called them selves the Manchester Family, so I felt the best name for the movie had to be… The Manchester Project.